European Six Sigma Club

Deutschland e.V.
From the practice for the practice


Based on the good experiences enjoyed at the cross-company discussions on a European level, the first symposium in Germany took place in 2005. The positive feedback from the participants led to this exchange of experiences becoming a regular annual event.

Besides the practical project work, the various models of introducing Six Sigma methodology to companies were also discussed. The further development of the Six Sigma toolbox and the contents of training courses were also issues at our symposia.

The "European Six Sigma Portal" has existed since the beginning of 2007. It enables experts to work for each other and with each other and exchange information.

Furthermore, practice-oriented contents for the training of Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Green Belts are being compiled and criteria, which lead to certification, are being worked out.

The "European Six Sigma Club Deutschland e.V." (abbr. ESSC-D) was established in July 2007, in order to give these developments a good framework. Members of the ESSC-D can be both individuals and companies.